Dan Baker, better known as “Zig Zag” (DJ, Public Figure, Humanitarian) Born in the Philippines.
Having a rough upbringing as a child (Being that he was a victim of “Kwashiorkor”) it was at an early age was Zig Zag learned the true tactics of “Survival”. At the age of 7, he took his journey to the United States to pursue a career.
Living in the rough parts of Chicago Illinois, it wasn’t long before his natural “survival tactics” started to come online, having to hustle and do odd jobs (as well as Deejaying) to make a steady living. In 2014, he formed T.H.C. (The Hated Crew), with combination of Ananlog Beats and THC he has begun a new adventure of creating the underground knowledge to mainstream to create music platform that allows an underground artist to show forth their talent, skills, and ambition towards a “Mainstream” audience.