Golden The PropheT

Learning that music was a form of self expression, shit was sick when you could here biggie or big pun or even the classic wu-tang and big L tear it up on the with some kick ass lyrics and have a blast with the word play, then music showed me there’s so much culture…bring hip hop to the west coast and now they were giving it the anthem type of feel like an ice cube a snoop dog gin and juice…today was a good day… just some of the artist growing up I looked up too and knew I could have fun knowing that their lyrical content was a super power

As I grew older listening instead of just hearing what artists were saying lead me to believe that there is more then meets the eye, and also the ear. Music lead me to self educate myself a lot more and help figure out what I want to do in life, and living in a city like Las Vegas helped me think outside the box. The future will be bright and I hope to give back to my city, provide education, fund community events/ build more living spaces for families and the homeless, and most importantly invest into environmental business and help save our planet and its animals. It’s our home and highly important to be cations of how we treat it

THC CREW LOVE THAT GOOD thc we smoke good and have had such great experience working on the teams first album. Our future is bright and we’re a team full of legends who will all be one day in the throne. Verbal assault is what Golden the prophet has to offer, a once in a life time experience is what’s the THC CREW WILL BRING!!